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published on 250+ major NEWS outlets

published on 
250+ major NEWS outlets

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Sample Press Release Report

Sample Press Release Report


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Done For You Press Release

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  • Social media and blog outreach (Value $199)
  • Email blast to music journalists (Value $199)
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30-Day Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With our 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose. We'll rewrite your press release until you're 100% happy with it.  If your music is clean and radio-friendly, we'll publish your story on at least 250 news sites.

If your music or any links you submit contain age-restricted content, including but not limited to cover art with parental advisory and/or explicit content label or YouTube videos that do not play in restricted mode, we will publish your press release on at least 100 news sites.

There are no refunds after the press release has been approved for distribution unless we cannot distribute your press release to the guaranteed number of sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is There A Guarantee?

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Get Your Music Featured $397
Special Offer $197


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Get Your Music Featured $397
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Get Your Music Featured $397
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